What Is A Proofing Gallery? | Pinehurst NC Newborn Photography

baby on cream blanket


Now that I have your attention with a super cute baby, I want to take a minute to share a little bit about the process AFTER your session with Amy Lachney Photography!

If you don’t already know, Amy Lachney Photography is a boutique style portrait studio. This means each image is its own created piece of artwork of your child or family! Because of the time and editing expertise that is poured into each and every final image, I am not the kind of photographer who is going to slap a filter on 80 images and send them all to you, just to leave you overwhelmed and not knowing where to start in terms of printing your precious portraits. BUT this is a subject for another post!

On the other side of this coin, there are photographers who deliver completed curated galleries (hand edited galleries of 10-30 images) without letting the client see any of the images, or have input on which ones are delivered.

At Amy Lachney Photography, we work our way around this problem using proofing galleries! Proofing galleries are galleries of 40-50 unedited images from your session. These are delivered to you about 7 days following your session. This means that YOU get to sit down in the comfort of your home and select your own images. Only YOU know that cute expression your 3 year old makes that looks just like Grandpa, and only YOU know the funny scrunched face your newborn makes when she is about to 💩 Since I do not know all these little, subtle nuances of your family’s features, I leave the choosing up to you!

The image below is a screen shot sampling of a proof gallery:


You can see all of baby’s delicious cuteness, and hand pick your absolute favorite images. I love serving my clients this way, and find it to be an amazing solution that leaves everyone happy!

Stay tuned for a follow up post addressing what in the world anybody would do with 80 images, and why ALP limits the images delivered for each session!



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