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We are in the midst of the wildest time that any of us has experienced in our lifetime. With news of farmers dumping milk, trashing veggies, and more, I wanted to share about something that is super important to me. Locally sourced food is more important than ever during this time. Supporting local farmers directly is an amazing (and healthy!) way to stimulate our economy and make a direct difference in the lives of other families in our area.

Reports have been swirling lately about increased cases of Covid 19 among meat packing plant employees all across the country. Some say our meat supply in stores may be decreased up to 20% in the next few weeks. I am here today to share with you an amazing, healthy, community building alternative so that YOU do not run out of meat to feed your family!

Locally sourced pasture raised meat is incredibly healthy. Did you know that meat produced from feedlot cows has a completely different nutrient profile than meat of grass fed cows? Cows who are finished on grass have much higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids, CLA (a fatty acid with a host of health benefits ranging from weight management to reducing cancer incidence. Grass fed beef also contains much higher levels of several important vitamins and minerals. (1) You are what you eat, and cows are no different! Beef in general is an important source of B vitamins, selenium, iron, and zinc. Where grass fed beef really shines is in its Vitamin A and E content, and in the amount antioxidants overall. Antioxidants are crucial to our health on a cellular level, and do you know what doesn’t have antioxidants in it? Corn and soy based feed.

I could write for days discussing all the benefits of locally sourced pastured meats, but I will leave that for you to search on your own Coronavirus down time 😉 The real reason for this post is to highlight local farms where you can purchase nutritious meat for your family, and avoid any kind of meat shortage in the grocery store while supporting your fellow North Carolinians!

Our own farm, Donum Dei, raises pastured pigs supplemented with feed. We have 9 pigs at this time, and sell them by the half. They are dropped off at the butcher (this round will be in June) where they are packaged and ready for you to pick up! If you are interested, you can email me at

We also just purchased our first half-cow from Hilltop Angus Farm. It was incredibly reasonably priced, and we can’t wait to pick it up tomorrow! Give them a call and find out when you can snag a half or quarter cow. We chose half because we have a large family.

Another local option that I want to try soon is Misty Morning Ranch in Robbins. They raise ostriches!! I have never given ostrich meat much thought, but after someone told me about this farm, I am definitely intrigued.

Riley’s Ranch is located here in Moore County and has an easy online ordering site!

For more information and networking on all things locally sourced here in the Sandhills, you can visit the Sandhills Farm to Table Local Cooperative.



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