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Let’s talk newborn poses! This blog post serves as kind of a map for clients to see what poses they can expect out of their session. These poses are often referred to as “bean bag” poses, however I use a table. If I accidentally say bean bag during my session, now maybe you will be less confused and understand that my table used to be a bean bag! But I digress.

There is a very specific flow to posing that allows baby to be moved as minimally as possible as I shift baby into each pose. This first pose is called “Froggy,” and is one of the most difficult poses. It is created out of two images as a composite for safety reasons. No one should be photographing this pose with a baby who is unsupported!

Here are the two images straight out of the camera (or SOOC) that I used to create this adorable pose:

In the first image, baby’s head is being held in place for a quick second while her arms support her. In the second image, my hand is stabilizing her arms in order to photograph the top of her head.

On to the next pose! This pose moves baby from the Froggy position to a side lying position while maintaining overall the same basic hand and feet placement. It is one of my favorites, with those sweet hands cradling their face!

Following that pose, we come to womb pose, or modified womb pose. Every baby is different in their level of flexibility, and their willingness to have their feet up close to their chest. At Amy Lachney Photography, safety is paramount and posing is very much baby-led. Having the experience and training to understand baby’s cues and body language allows me to ensure your baby is as safe as possible.

This next pose is my absolute favorite! This is called bum-up. This pose is one that I will photograph from several angles. It allows for beautiful close ups of baby’s face, vertical overhead images that show those yummy side rolls, and sometimes very close detail shots of the face, like lashes, nose, lips, and ears. It may sound silly, but those features will never be this tiny and precious again. I love documenting these for parents just to have!

From bum-up, I will transition into a few different variations of a side lying pose.

Next we move onto chin-on-hands! As a tummy sleeper myself, I love this pose! Babies always look so relaxed in this pose. And I love the little peekaboo foot in the back.

Once we’ve finished all the tummy poses, we move onto back poses. The back poses can range from being super curly and posed, to a more relaxed lifestyle pose as shown below. This is another opportunity for me to take beautiful profile close-ups of baby’s face, as well as capture up close those dainty fingers and toes.

Speaking of toes….

From these 7 core poses, Amy Lachney Photography will create a spectacular gallery showcasing every adorable inch of your brand new little one. My goal as a photographer is always to showcase baby at his or her tiniest with minimal distractions. Baby bed or bucket poses are available upon request, but I just love the special simplicity of the “bean bag” poses. Most final galleries will end up somewhere between 25 and 30 images once we add in family, mom, dad, and sibling portraits.



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