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This week is a big week for our family! My husband turns 33, and then the next day my son turns 6. Where has the time gone?! When I met my husband, he was 18….and I swear it feels like my son was born yesterday.

All of my kids were home today, so I had them make birthday cards for their dad. Watching them all coloring excitedly in our dining room covered in homeschool mess, I felt the need to capture this sweet moment with more than my cell phone.

That’s my big guy, right there. My only son is SIX years old! This means that after the next time I blink, he’ll be graduating high school. But for now, here he is in my house making cards for his Daddy, and smiling with his missing teeth!

This is my littlest baby Emma. This face is the face she’s been making lately every time she follows me into my studio, sits down on a prop and says “Sheese!” (cheese). She makes this silly non-smile that I think is hilarious, and I love that she did it for me here when she saw my “big” camera!

Here is my biggest girl with her party hat drawing. She would draw all day long if she could!

My sweet little Bean is our baby #3, and Lefty #1. I think Emma may be Lefty #2. Madeleine decided today was a good day to be a Greek Goddess, and I can’t say I disagree!

More Sheese! My sweet little most difficult baby. I love that this was a small moment where she was not screaming at me for “milks” or getting into trouble making huge messes. I cherish the pictures I have of her at this age already, as I know they will help me remember her sweet moments when she’s too big (and hopefully better behaved!).

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into our world, at home with Amy Lachney Photography! These little people right here are the reason I began my photography journey 6 years ago, and they are the reason I keep going today.
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